T.C. COMPONENTES ha adquirido recientemente un sistema INKJET de marcaje de componentes, conectores y cables para su identificación ó personalización. Es una inversión dirigida principalmente al marcaje de bornes de conexión y cables planos, pero puede usarse para el marcaje de cualquier otro material ó componente. La marcadora puede imprimir en diferentes tamaños símbolos numéricos […]

The company CONEC expanded its product portfolio for D-SUB hoods by adding different CONEC SnapLock variants. The hoods come with a locking system for quick and easy locking. Time-consuming screwing of the hood to the mating connector is no longer required and thus a long lasting connection is made without losable screws. Due to the audible and […]

T.C.COMPONENTES S.L. is glad to announce our distribution agreement with MEDIKABEL,German company specialized in quick supply of all kind of UL approved wires and conductors,Flat cables and round multiconductor cables. MEDIKABEL provides  to  their customers cables and wires  at highest quality level, under  many different approvlas (VDE,HAR,UL,CSA,MIL etc.), temperature ranges and mechanical construction. An modern […]

Effective from January 1st 2015, we are glad our agreement with STOCKO for the distribution of their products in Spain. STOCKO products are renowned and held in high estimation. They represent solid solutions and a multitude of applications as connectors and terminals for diverse sectors such as domestic appliances, heating systems, automotive and industrial electronics […]